Independent research-based visual artist attending to complex environmental issues, iterated through a range of site-specific and socially engaged contexts. Conceptually and physically pursued through the subject of the seed and the agency of plant matter. Here seeds are defined not as a thing, but as a set of social relations that must be continually nourished to survive, grow, adapt and evolve. I dig, draw, plant, collect, mulch, narrate and ‘care’ for ‘other’ beings in ‘other’ spaces in response to our anthropogenic times. These variable and multimodal processes parallel the labouring activities of the ‘gardener’. Combining poetic language, natural history, ecofeminist ‘herbal’ tales and thoughts my work draws attention to vulnerable habitats and species through our ineffectual responses with non human entities. Through this eclectic and microscopic lens the entangled narratives and often antagonistic relationship between human and non-human species are made manifest across multiple forms. The evolving projects, public engagements, publications and exhibitions are meticulously researched, which pursue a narrative structure based on an assemblage of key research material, sites of interest and social integration. This generative approach attempts to activate new ideas related to site, agency and ecology.